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Friday Fictioneers — Swallowed by a Maze

PHOTO PROMPT - © Sandra Crook

He placed an hour-glass clock adjacent to the maze. His idea of a joke. The hedge appeared not of threatening height from outside — no taller than the average man — so people were happy to take up the challenge.

The owner of the garden would set up his deckchair opposite the clock, pour himself a glass of champagne, and toast participants before they disappeared through an entrance that immediately closed behind them.

On the inside, the hedge reached to the sky and was full of thorns. Not an exit in sight.

Poor souls. Mere skeletons. The maze had a monstrous appetite.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo prompt: image (c) Sandra Crook

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37 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — Swallowed by a Maze

  1. I can only imagine what lives in there – shudder.

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  2. inkbiotic on said:

    Is it the maze itself that needs to devour? Maybe the hedge grows with the power of confusion. The more people wander lost, the higher it grows. Great story, a chilling glimpse.

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  3. Oh I do love the way your mind works Sarah, this is deliciously frightening 🙂 xxxx

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  4. Nasty stuff – love it!

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  5. Dear Sarah,

    Imaginative story with just a side of creepiness. Dare I say, “a-maze-ing.” Well done.



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  6. Dark Sarah but I enjoyed reading very much.

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  7. Dale on said:

    A little Harry Potteresque with even more evil undertones. You do this so well, Sarah!

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    • Thank you Dale. Glad you enjoyed this story 🙂
      Mazes rather fascinate me, but they used to scare me a little as a child. Part of a scene in my next novel for publishing, features a chase through a maze.


  8. I see the dark green of fanged hedges devouring flesh… But it’s all in the dark.

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  9. Dark and frightening! Well done, indeed! No more corn mazes for me!

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  10. I think there is something distinctly eeerie about mazes, and your maze sounds just aout as eerie as it gets.


  11. I love this Sarah – a world within a world and would fulfil all my fears of getting stuck in a maze (though I’ve never actually been in one!)


  12. Eek! That’s one way of fertilizing a hedge. Quite the green thumb there. I love the creepiness.

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  13. Wow, no wonder I feel very uncomfortable in a maze. Never again. Thank you kindly for the warning!

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  14. Creepy. I like it.

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  15. What a frightening prospect for those poor people entering the maze. I hope he didn’t charge them for the pleasure, Sarah?

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  16. very cool story, Sarah


  17. Very creepy. I like how the owner of the garden takes up his position to relax and watch. His coolness makes it all the more creepy. Well told.

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  18. Ooooo! Wicked! Love this!

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