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Monday Morning #Haiku 94 — Hibernating Snail

hibernating snail

Fed by detritus,
new leaves spring forth undeterred.
Snails still asleep.

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12 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 94 — Hibernating Snail

  1. It must be very snuggly to sleep in that lovely protective shell, I’m sure the shoots are relieved 🙂

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  2. So beautiful! And I learned something, too. Double-win for me. Thanks, Sarah. Wishing you all a lovely week.

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    • Snails are fascinating, the way they seal themselves into their shells in the winter. Some are less lucky. I have another picture of a shell lying on its back in the same flower bed, full of water and obviously devoid of its occupant.
      Wishing you a lovely week, too, Leigh.

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      • I was going to comment I wonder where snails went in the winter. Yes interesting that seal themselves in their shells.

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      • I have a love/hate relationship with snails, so I’ve learned all sorts of random facts about them. …What’s the expression? “Know your enemy” or, in my case, my garden’s enemy!

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      • All I know is about slugs. My sister and I would take turns pouring salt on them for my grandmother to keep them out her garden.

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      • I had no idea they could survive the winter or hibernate. I wonder if they would survive in this climate. Hmm. The worms have come out into the upper soil here recently, but they’ll no doubt be going back far underground as we’ve got a cold spell and possible snow on schedule for the middle or later of this week. Hope your sidewalk is all walkable again. Thanks, Sarah!

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      • Snails usually hunker down under leaf mulch, so they’re fairly snug. I’m guessing that the one in my photo had temporarily come out of hibernation when we had an unseasonably warm snap and just resealed its shell without seeking out further cover. I think snails would survive in your climate. They’re fairly resilient, except when it comes to assault by birds, slug pellets, or wellie boots!


  3. And long may they sleep, pesky things. Or maybe you’ll get a hedgehog in your garden to eat them, that would be a good thing 🙂 xxxx

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    • My dog hassles hedgehogs, despite their prickles, so they don’t stick around for long. When we first moved to our house, we had a resident hedgehog couple in our garden and babies. xxxx

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      • How wonderful! I always dreamed of having hedgehog babies in my garden! No chance here, unless everyone puts holes in their fences…and I don’t think that’s going to happen 😉 xxxx

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