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10 Reasons for Taking the Self Publishing Plunge #Writers #selfpublishing

Today, I’m honoured to guest on one of my favourite writing blogs, Blondewritemore, which is a wonderful mix of useful info, flash fiction, and humorous writerly reflections.

Many thanks to Blondeusk for her kind invitation.



Guest Post by Sarah Potter.

10 Reasons for Taking the Self Publishing Plunge

First I would like to thank Lucy, otherwise known as Blondeusk, for inviting me to guest on her fabulous blog of which I’m an avid follower. She has proved herself a person of utmost patience; I’ve kept her waiting for two months, maybe three, for this post. In response to my umpteenth apology for my tardiness, she said, with her usual wry humour, that the Blondewritemore Team is willing to wait until 2017.

This post is about an exceedingly stubborn person – me – who has dug her heels in for far too long and wishes she’d given up on getting a traditional publishing deal a long time ago.

Traditional publishers reject most of the novels submitted to them, even well written ones if they don’t fit with what they’re looking for at that moment. I’ve had…

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