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Friday Fictioneers — The Honest Estate Agent

Kitche picture prompt

When you do business with me, you’ll discover I’m the most honest estate agent in the world, which is why I don’t wear a suit and tie.

Sir, Madam, even though this house seems tranquil, it’s my duty to warn you about the poltergeist. Once upset, she bangs pots, hurls dishes around the kitchen, and turns on gas rings in the night, or worse.

You might think it impertinent of me to ask, Mr Johnston, but do you take your turn with cooking and washing up? If the answer is no, forget this house. The poltergeist will give you hell.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo prompt: image © Raina Ng

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34 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — The Honest Estate Agent

  1. Fabulous. I wish all estate agents were like this.

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  2. This is hilarious! I want this poltergeist!

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  3. A feminist poltergeist! I love it.

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  4. The title pulled me in. Lovely piece. I have my own personalised pair of dish-washing gloves so we should be okay.

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  5. yes, a women”s rights poltergeist!

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  6. That poltergeist and I would get along very well! I love the way you speak directly to your reader. This is different from all the others I’ve read (and I’ve read most of them! 🙂

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  7. Dale on said:

    Talk about incentive to do his share! Love this!

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  8. Hahaha Wonderful to have such a poltergeist around. Love this, Sarah. 🙂


  9. Good idea, and a different take.

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  10. As if an estate agent would be honest and upfront? Love your approach, it caught my attention and made me smile.

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    • I’m glad it made you smile, Kate, as implausible as an honest estate agent might seem. My son has applied, without success, for a few trainee estate agent jobs but I guess they decided he wasn’t full of the required blague/blag! That being said, the estate agent who dealt with our house purchase was great and not a smoothie at all, so there are gems out there.


      • I guess what I find difficult isn’t really the positive spin, that’s understandable, but the ambiguity over the process and what’s going on.

        Also, the contract I’ve just signed was completely devoid of commas, which just did not work.

        I hope your son has luck becoming one of those gems.

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      • That contract thing is more to do with property law and regulations. My husband used to be a lawyer. Even though he turned his back on the profession more than a decade ago, he still has an aversion to commas. He says that if things are ambiguous, there’s still room for argument (i.e. an excuse for lawyers to earn extra money!). I think my son has gone off becoming an estate agent and is looking for something that suits his introvert personality.


  11. A poltergeist making sure that works’s divided even sounds really scary for some men.. hmm.

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  12. In her former life her husband never helped!

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  13. Dear Sarah,

    Now there’s a woman’s poltergeist, if ever I’ve seen one. (Which of course, haven’t. 😉 ) Imaginative story. Cleverly written.



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    • Dear Rochelle
      Thank you. It definitely is a woman’s poltergeist. I’m noting with particular interest, the notable lack of comments from male readers this week, apart from a few brave souls!
      All best wishes


  14. A feminist poltergeist! I like it. Clever and enjoyable story.

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