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Wordless Wednesday — Jackdaw Feasting On Lilac Flower Seeds

Jackdaw Feasting On Lilac Flower Seeds

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Jackdaw Feasting On Lilac Flower Seeds

  1. Dale on said:

    So I shouldn’t cut off my dead flowers just yet…

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    • Well, it depends if you mind having to dig up the start of lots of potential new lilac trees next year from around your garden, as the seeds blow everywhere and take root. I think the sacrifice is worth it, seeing all the birds that enjoy feasting on the seeds!

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  2. I like this bird, is it a ‘nice’ one or is it like the Blue Jays? I was wondering… smiles from your friend, Robin

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    • Jackdaws are slightly bigger than Blue Jays and of a different family. They also don’t make such a tuneful noise, so you wouldn’t invite them to join a bird choir! When they start arguing with magpies, it’s a real cacophony of strident caws and squawks on both sides. Birds are very entertaining. My home office overlooks my back garden (which you would call a backyard!). It is full of flowers, shrubs, bees, butterflies and birds (plus snails!). I live near woodland, so quite a lot of other creatures visit my garden, too, such as foxes. One year, an albino squirrel visited. It had the whitest fur you’ve ever seen and eyes like rubies.

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  3. He looks much like a magpie, but I haven’t heard of a Jackdaw so thanks for posting!

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    • When I posted a jackdaw picture before, a blogger told me they don’t have jackdaws in the US. And, yes, they are about the same size as a magpies but are part of the crow family. Jackdaws have wonderful blue eyes. They are very intelligent and unafraid of people. I’ve heard they enjoy stealing sparkly things and hoarding them. As I don’t own much jewellery, let alone leave it lying around outside, I haven’t put this theory to the test. There is a family of jackdaws that return year after year to nest in next-door’s chimney. My mother has a special jackdaw box on her house that always has occupants at nesting time.


  4. I thought they were crow family!! Great shot Sarah!! I remember these in the UK!

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