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How to Fry Your Marbles in One Day


Squeezing 90,000 words into 1,000 words
does this to your brain.


~ Synopsis-ed out ~

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13 thoughts on “How to Fry Your Marbles in One Day

  1. As long as it’s done Sarah 🙂
    And you seem relatively sane still…


    • Yes, I’m actually really pleased with it. I used a different approach this time, which was to not refer to the manuscript at all but just type up the story from memory. Much better than having papers scattered all over the place and emitting periodic screams!

      Had to compose the perfect query letter, too. Oh, how I hate the selling part of literary creation.


  2. eye is always drawn to the light!! Good luck Sarah!!


  3. You have written a synopsis and you are still able to think? I didn’t know it was possible.


  4. That is always the hardest part! But you might look up “The Snowflake Method,” actually works for some people when it comes to back of the book blurbs, and a synopsis. Congratulations on a job complete, Sarah! I look forward to reading your novel.


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