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Wordless Wednesday: After the Storm



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5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: After the Storm

  1. Wow! I read about the storm and how it affected all of Europe, taking many lives, and I thought about you, Sarah, hoping that you were okay. It’s good to know you weathered the storm.


    • We got off quite lightly, as we’re partially buffered against westerly winds by some very high cliffs on a headland. The only damage I saw was to the trees in our local recreation ground — hence the picture. The weather it very freaky though. When I took that picture today for Wordless Wednesday, I was wearing a sleeveless vest top with my jeans as the sun was so hot! But last week Wednesday, when I took my “black and white” rainy picture, I was dressed in multiple layers and still felt cold. With the seasons as they are, it’s not possible to have a set summer wardrobe and a set winter one.


      • I can see how that would be–Seattle is temperate, but the damp gets into your bones, and that comes and goes too. I’m just glad you’re okay!


  2. Glad you’re OK Sarah – I did not realise that the storm was heading your way.


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