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Wordless Wednesday: Fir Cones Signal Autumn




Meet my big baby — daughter, Vanessa!


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5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fir Cones Signal Autumn

  1. Pleased to meet you big-baby daughter Vanessa 😉
    Changing of the season – us into heat, you into cold. Those pine cones make for a very nice fire actually…


    • Do you mean an indoors in the fireplace, or that they help a bonfire burn well outside? Hate to start a conflagration in the living-room! I can imagine they smell very pleasant whilst burning.


      • I don’t have an indoors fireplace, so, if I make a fire, it’s usually to have a braai. BBQ. Or to just have a nice relaxing fire to visit around – i like fire. most restful thing to watch 😉


  2. Dear Sarah,
    Your daughter is beautiful! (Love the pinecones, too.)


    • Dear Naomi,
      Thank you. Yes, my daughter is beautiful and has had many admirers! She also been an absolute pickle from time to time, but is much more settled now she’s a mother herself. Wouldn’t change her for anything — she has a heart of gold.


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