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For The Love Of Haiku

Click to see the making of this week Haiku Image :)

Click to see the making of this week’s Haiku Image 🙂

Universal law.
Twenty amino acids
is all it requires.

The ascent of Man.
DNA double helix,
life’s spiral staircase.

The descent of Man.
Evolution argument
versus Creation.


The above is a haikai, which is a linked series of haiku forming one poem. Traditionally, this form is comic; haikai no renga, so please, creationist, evolutionists, and scientists, do treat it as a bit of tongue in cheek fun rather than anything too serious.  

Anyone who wants to take part in this week’s challenge and compose a haiku to accompany the illustration above, do check out 

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9 thoughts on “For The Love Of Haiku

  1. Aw… this is so brilliant writing of haiku Sarah… I am so speechless…
    My salute to you! mmwahhhh


  2. One thing I’ve never really been able to do. Or rather, could not bother to sit and puzzle out – a proper poem. and you take it to the next step and puzzle out the syllables – for three of them…
    Well done Sarah 😉


  3. A new form I didn’t know about. Thank you very much. I do like to learn new things.


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