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Tanka #12


Atop chimney pots,
seagulls survey their kingdom
— substitute cliff tops —
From this lofty nesting site
they can terrorise the street.

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11 thoughts on “Tanka #12

  1. boneland on said:

    Lovely and so true!


    • When I lived in Brighton, a “teenage” seagull, that hadn’t learnt to fly properly, fell into the garden. Its parents were in such a state, they divebombed me every time I went outside. I used to have to hold a long pole in the air with one hand, while hanging out my washing with the other. Fortunately, the thing had to learn to fly before the fox ate it.


  2. Sarah, I don’t know how you can stay so consistently fresh, but you always do, and you always bring a smile!


  3. I can imagine they can be quite the terror 😉
    Here, I mainly have to worry about Indian Mynas…


    • I read about a man who was dive-bombed by an eagle in Scotland and had his head badly mauled.


      • I’m sure he was doing something to the bird – they don’t usually attack without provocation.
        And, if he was trying to steal her eggs or chicks, or her food, he got what he deserved…


      • No, he was just walking along minding his own business, or at least that’s what he claims. I guess it could have been a rogue eagle, proving that derangement isn’t solely a human trait.


      • And then again, maybe the eagle felt like I do about humans 😉
        If I was a bird or a lion I would have eaten my fair share of humans – just because they irk me!


  4. I hear ya. Wonder how they could be so beautiful yet so terrorising.


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