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Protest haiku #1

wooden turkey

Not on the menu,
she stands alone in protest —
a wooden turkey.


February might seem a strange time to write a protest haiku about turkey welfare, but Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t the only times people eat the meat from these birds. As I post this haiku, there are billions of  turkeys undergoing the torture of factory farming. This happens 365 days a year.

Below are some links to “Compassion in World Farming” and “mscpa angell” — organisations which expose the horrors of this industry and look at ways to improve animal welfare.

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6 thoughts on “Protest haiku #1

  1. Turkey is not a meat generally eaten here in SA, but I suppose the same thing happens to chickens too…


    • Yes, chickens, too. I’m not suggesting people give up eating meat, as this would lead to mass genocide of all farm animals! But I do feel strongly that these animals should be well cared for and and slaughtered as humanely as possible.


  2. Nice protest haiku. Good work.


  3. Great! I live with three vegetarians who would especially appreciate this!


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