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Tanka #4


Late autumn sunrise.
Tucked in their sparkling houses,
some dream of Christmas.
For them, today means nothing,
their minds fixed upon winter.

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12 thoughts on “Tanka #4

  1. I like the bright Sun here.


  2. Beautifully descriptive Sarah.
    We often neglect to see the beauty of each day…


  3. powerful! Too often we miss out on, or lose, today.


    • Thank you, Joss. Glad you agree with my sentiments. I’m all too aware of how time seems to speed up with each year that passes, and the need to apply the breaks, attempting to make each moment precious.


  4. I’m intrigued by the contrast that is set up here between dreaming and having the mind fixed…beautiful to play with.

    I’ve just started working with tanks & enjoying it, it is a wonderful structure. Be well~


    • Thank you, bussokuseki. So glad my tanka has intrigued you. As with you, I’ve only just started working with this poetic form, having only tackled haiku before. This is literally my 4th tanka ever.


  5. Dear Sarah,
    Really lovely, so eloquent, and an important reminder.


    • Dear Naomi, Thank you for your kind comment. I do feel very strongly that people need to keep themselves grounded at this time of the year, rather than lose a precious month of their lives chasing dreams.


  6. I love this. Gorgeous with an dark undertow of depression. I like the sparkle set against the black dog. Nice work.


    • As you’ll have probably gathered, I have a problem with Christmas–or rather all the hype, materialism, glitz and glitter. Commercially it just goes on for weeks and weeks — a big distraction that, more often than not, fails to deliver that so-called “perfect day”.


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