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Tanka #5


Besieged on all sides,
chimneys whistle, timbers creak–
December gale.
Beyond, in cardboard city,
lie papier-mâché homes.

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7 thoughts on “Tanka #5

  1. Nice piece. We had a lot of noise here. Two girls scared by the noises in the combi flue.


    • I met up with my and grandson (aged nearly 3) yesterday on an outing into. One small boy really badly behaved (poor mum). On the way back home, when the train kept making a strange noise, he became convinced that it was a monster that ate up naughty children. He behaved impeccably thereafter.


  2. You did create a dark image. A very sad human experience.


    • And one that shouldn’t happen in so-called civilised society. I think that in the UK, quite a lot of people out on the street like that have psychiatric issues and have fallen through the net out in the community since they closed down the big hospitals. There’s also a lot of longterm unemployment.


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