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Autumn haiku #5

Autumn climbs the wall,
splodging colour at random.
Nature’s graffiti.

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9 thoughts on “Autumn haiku #5

  1. Had to look up Splodging. Definition: chiefly Brit : splash, slosh. Laughing at the “chiefly brit” part. Loved. (The Haiku). Learned (splodging) another word. Thanks for the trifecta this morning.


  2. It’s perfect!


  3. wonderful Ku, Sarah!


  4. Very nice. I would like but mobile browsing does not allow. Hope to get over the problem soon. My blog feels pretty unloved.


    • I thought, but may be wrong, that if you have a browsing facility on your mobile, you should be able to sign into wordpress and do everything you can normally do — if your fingers will co-operate with everything on such a small scale. I’ll have a go later from my phone and report back.

      Yes, your blog posts are missed, but you’ve got rather a lot on your plate just now, so all is understood. I follow someone, who’s pretty much a free spirit, and they book time in an internet cafe wherever they happen to be. Perhaps you could do this as a temporary measure. xxxx


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