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Autumn haiku #2

Army of fungi
marching across the garden:
apple tree long dead.

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6 thoughts on “Autumn haiku #2

  1. Oh death and rebirth – wonderful. A very nice piece.


    • sarahpotterwrites on said:

      Sadly, by today the whole army of fungi has been vanquished and there are only a few blackened strands left behind.


      • Graphite Bunny on said:

        Awww – but they are still there beneath the soil – only the fruiting body is dead. x


  2. Yes! Perfect photo, Sarah–it must have inspired your haiku.


    • Everyday, at the moment, I come across some interesting fungi. My son was laughing at his strange mother scrambling under a bush in the park with her mobile phone today, to take a photo of a particularly distinguished fungus with a view o writing a poem about it!


      • That is a picture that makes me smile! How lucky for us that we have children that are amused, rather than mortified, as some kids might be.


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