Monday Morning #Haiku — Celebrating its 100th Week!

To mark this special occasion, here are the three haiku and accompanying images to have earned the highest number of likes since I started this regular Monday Morning slot. 


Haiku 57 — Desert Flowers [Image (c) Cindy Knoke]

42 likes / 19 comments

Cindy Knoke Desert Flowers

Girls in pink gymslips
Fragile desert flowers bloom
Brief moments captured


Haiku 58 — Pheasants

40 likes / 9 comments

Cock and Hen Pheasants

Feathers to dazzle
Cock pheasants show off to hens
Springtime wooing game


Haiku 63 — Cactus Flower

38 likes / 17 comments

Epiphyllum Cactus Flower

Cactus springs surprise
Red desert flower bursts forth
Large as dinner plate

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