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Monday Morning #Haiku 58 — Pheasants

Cock and Hen Pheasants

Feathers to dazzle
Cock pheasants show off to hens
Springtime wooing game

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9 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 58 — Pheasants

  1. How gorgeous…were these on your walk Sarah? xxx

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    • They are residents of the National Trust owned Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, Sussex — a favourite haunt of mine, Sherri. The pheasants are very tame there, they will even eat out of your hand, so I didn’t have to use the zoom facility on my camera to take the picture. xxxx
      PS I’m a bit behind with blogging and answering emails, as my internet has been down for two days. Now fixed, as I rang technical support today. Will answer your email when I’ve caught up with myself!

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      • Ahh…a place I’ve not visited, one for the list! Gorgeous pic! Oh dear, what a pain, but glad to hear it’s fixed and you are up and running and as always, no hurry at all. I know you’ll have plenty to catch up with as it is…hope the rest of your day goes well dear Sarah xxxx

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  2. I’m always surprised at how beautiful pheasants are, you’ve captured their spring strut!

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