Novel Writing Winter (NWW) 2013 – be my guest, Catherine Z!

Catherine Zgouras is an English Language Teacher (ELT) who writes books for her profession and is presently trying to enter the world of children’s fiction. We first met through an on-line writing colony — — and now belong to the same closed, invitation-only, writing group on Facebook.

In Catherine’s words, this is what her novel-in-progress is about:

Ilda is a beautiful but very mean witch. She zaps everyone and anyone in sight. Somehow she manages to get stuck up a pole and becomes the star attraction of her town. Everyone refuses to bring her down because of all her past nasty deeds.  Her dog, Rottenbud, goes on an adventure to bring back Priscilla, their long-lost Siamese companion. On their return, they manage to get Ilda down from the pole, but has she changed for the better?

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