In praise of modern eye-surgery

Wow, those colours! This is like seeing them through the wondrous eyes of a child again. Rejuvenation.

Three weeks ago, a twenty-minute, painless, cataract operation under local anaesthetic transformed my world. When I removed my eye-patch the next day, vibrant colours had replaced all the fuzzy greyness; I could see every blade of grass, every leaf, and all the nuances of light and shade. And the day after that, during a walk in the woods, the green brilliance of the trees and the splendour of the bluebells nearly blew me away.

Today, I’m wearing my old crazy multi-coloured straw sun hat that’s been languishing in a drawer for years. And I’ve decided to take up painting again, so my next venture will be a children’s novel for 8-11 year-olds, complete with illustrations.     

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