For The Love Of Haiku

Heart pierced by a thorn:
drifting between life and death,
the flower fairy wilts.

All are welcome to join in with adollyciousirony’s weekly haiku fun at

Being primarily a fantasy author, I particularly loved penning a haiku to go with this image. My special thanks to the art game players for the drama they’ve injected into the scene  

For The Love Of Haiku

Don’t poison that mouse!
A rodent fattened on cheese–
Kitty’s dream dessert.

My apologies for skipping last week’s haiku challenge and producing a rather belated one this week, but have had countless musical commitments over Christmas. Anyone else who wants to jump on board at the last moment and join in with the fun, please check out

Special Christmas greetings and New Year good wishes to adollyciousirony and all her art game players who’ve provided us haiku lovers with so many eccentric, if not surreal images as our writing prompts throughout 2012.

You can check out the making of the image above at

For the Love of Haiku

Rising sea levels.
Please rescue me, Superman,
from this mad planet.

To join in with this week’s haiku fun, go to

As usual, thanks to wonder hostess, adollyciousirony, and the art game players who contributed to the picture at

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