Burning the midnight oil versus lunar madness

Yesterday, I had a most touching email from one of my dear blogging friends who asked if I was okay. Apparently, my posts are as regular as clockwork but I hadn’t posted anything for a week: no Monday Morning Haiku and two missed Wordless Wednesdays. Also, I left it too late to invite anyone to fill October’s guest storyteller slot.

Apologies all round, but I’ve been busy absorbing loads of new info about formatting a novel so the result looks professional both in paperback and in eBook form. There’s a huge amountĀ of contradictory information out there, some of it unnecessarily complicated: thus I’m working hard to ascertainĀ the simplest way to achieve the best result.

While I focus on this for the next week, or maybe two, I’m going to leave you with a progressive haiku centred around the phases of the moon. For your information, the names in the poem belong to two Japanese Shinto deities: Tsukuyomi the Moon God, and Amaterasu the Sun Goddess.


lunar haikai

under cutglass stars
she dreams of Tsukuyomi
new moon love potion

nocturnal circus
leg draped over crescent moon
girl hangs upside down

gibbous halfway house
shadow night crickets gossip
she needs sedating

full moon tree-trunk spin
naked dancing on silver
she coruscates dew

blackbird sings her home
waning moon ambushed by dawn