This is the first time I’ve reblogged anything, but these photos of Montreal Gardens posted on are too fantastic to miss.

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Montreal Gardens

Can you imagine the maintenance?  Wow!

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A poem to the daughter who mightn’t have existed

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The poem below, written fifteen years ago, is dedicated to my beautiful and characterful daughter–herself a mother of two fantastic children–and who, this weekend, celebrates her 30th birthday.  I love you, my big baby xxxx



you are the best mistake I ever made


backs turned, doors slammed, new friends found, new front doors


I knew you because you made sure of it


as an inchling squirming in my womb


hand-me-downs of doll-sized clothes sat folded


long days passed before my gift-wrapped surprise


you never cried–too nosy from the start


a beautiful individualist


old spurners backtracked to ingratiate


I’d petition angels to protect you


we fought pitched battles with the world and won


and now I watch you fight your teenage wars


your eyes squall-grey, fire from your studded nose


smiles, apologies, blue-eyed bliss, peace


an unbreakable individualist


lovers of your own and choices to make


(c)Sarah Potter, 1997

Maestro: a poem for Valentine’s Day

On full swell and with abundant stops out

you ensnared me in your fortissimo

with the ebullience of a maestro

who has not a semi-quaver of doubt.


You knew a moderate tune would bore me

when I required my body and spirit

to augment into a frenetic fit

of diatonic notes exempt from key.


I watched your broad hands plough the ivory

and sow seeds of possession in each note,

the linen wings of your surplice afloat

as you caroused in tonal rivalry.


Leaning to turn pages, I felt your breath

tease my ear in a capriccio dare

and smelled wood-smoke and incense in your hair

so I ached somewhere between life and death.


As an infinite note trapped between staves,

I became a part of your concerto

oft played presto and seldom larghetto

in a passion of agitato waves.


(c)Sarah Potter, 1994

Dedicated to my musician husband,Victor, with love xxxx

Mr & Mrs in recital, 2008

Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 4)

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