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BuddhaRocks project: a little white flower


Bitter-sweet deep

rancid the flower weeps

strangled by sleep.


Beneath brown earth

thick with snails

she awaits birth

as the wind wails.


The snows fall

and Spring fails

as a grey wall.


Roots search in vain

where worms squirm

drowned by rain

sun turns earth firm.


On into the light

pushes the shoot

crowned flower white.

(c) Sarah Potter, 2012


This poem is my contribution to the Buddha Rocks project for March.

To find out more about this inspiring multimedia project, visit Evelyn at and photographer Eric Alder at buddharocks.deviantart

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7 thoughts on “BuddhaRocks project: a little white flower

  1. From my office window I am watching tulips stretching their necks in search of the sun, and your poem resonates with me. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. I tagged you if you would like to play. See my lastest post at


    • Thanks for tagging me. And, yes, I will play, if I don’t muck things up by leaving it for a few days. I’m meant to be revising my novel but keep finding good excuses to avoid what needs doing.


  3. All that from a single picture… I guess a picture truly is worth a thousand words. (More or less – LOL!)


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