In praise of modern eye-surgery

Wow, those colours! This is like seeing them through the wondrous eyes of a child again. Rejuvenation.

Three weeks ago, a twenty-minute, painless, cataract operation under local anaesthetic transformed my world. When I removed my eye-patch the next day, vibrant colours had replaced all the fuzzy greyness; I could see every blade of grass, every leaf, and all the nuances of light and shade. And the day after that, during a walk in the woods, the green brilliance of the trees and the splendour of the bluebells nearly blew me away.

Today, I’m wearing my old crazy multi-coloured straw sun hat that’s been languishing in a drawer for years. And I’ve decided to take up painting again, so my next venture will be a children’s novel for 8-11 year-olds, complete with illustrations.     

For the Love of Haiku

The silly season…

Buddha just sees still water

in a world gone mad.


Every third Saturday of the month, adollyciousirony posts an image from her Art Game and invites folk, who feel so inspired, to write a Haiku based on what they see on the image. The above picture is number three in this wonderful game.

To join in the fun, go to

BuddhaRocks project: a little white flower


Bitter-sweet deep

rancid the flower weeps

strangled by sleep.


Beneath brown earth

thick with snails

she awaits birth

as the wind wails.


The snows fall

and Spring fails

as a grey wall.


Roots search in vain

where worms squirm

drowned by rain

sun turns earth firm.


On into the light

pushes the shoot

crowned flower white.

(c) Sarah Potter, 2012


This poem is my contribution to the Buddha Rocks project for March.

To find out more about this inspiring multimedia project, visit Evelyn at and photographer Eric Alder at buddharocks.deviantart