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For the Love of Haiku

Bitter angel trapped.
Tricked by slippery smiles,
power of ascent gone.

Check out July’s haiku fun at courtesy of that veritable blogging powerhouse, adollyciousirony. Also, thank you to the Art Game participants who, as usual, have created an entertaining and complex picture for us minimalist poets to interpret.

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6 thoughts on “For the Love of Haiku

  1. It’s beautiful Sarah 🙂 Thanks! xoxo


  2. Reblogged this on allaboutlemon and commented:
    Here is a brilliant Haiku from Sarah 🙂


  3. Sarah, I don’t know how you do it. I look at a photo and see a jumble, and you zero in on the story, the drama, the moral, and make it shine.


    • Thank you, Naomi:-) The idea doesn’t necessarily happen that quickly for me with haiku – I guess that’s why it’s considered a form of meditation. I’ll ponder a picture, scene, or the minute details of something for ages in my mind, then there’s that moment of enlightenment – it’s almost like a light coming on when everything falls into place and I know exactly which words will do the image justice.


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