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Noah Padgett and the Dog-People #KindleCountdownDeal

Featured Image -- 7339Thirty days after the release of Noah Padgett and the Dog-People, it is Kindle Countdown Deal time. This means that those daunted by my book’s normal price of £1.99 on Amazon (UK) or $2.99 Amazon (US), can now download my 56,000-word children’s crossover novel for £0.99/$0.99 from today until midnight on 14th October. Where else could you pay so little for about six hours of fun entertainment?

The story in brief…

It’s adventure time for twelve-year-old Noah Padgett and his chocolate Labrador puppy, Bluebell. With one click of a link they landed themselves in the Zyx-dimension, where the predominate species is Canis sapiens.  These intelligent dog-people view Noah and his puppy as mutants and alien collectibles, forcibly separating them and putting both their lives in peril.

Will they survive, or won’t they?

Without a magic wand at his disposal, Noah must rely on his wits alone.



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8 thoughts on “Noah Padgett and the Dog-People #KindleCountdownDeal

  1. Sharing! xxxxxxx

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  2. Congratulations, Sarah!

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  3. Woohoo! I’m wishing you much success with the new read, Sarah

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  4. Good luck with the countdown deal, hope you sell lots of extra copies 🙂

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    • Thank you, Andrea. I’ve sold a few extra copies, but not enough to get out the champagne. Still, something is better than nothing. I guess that all mighty oak trees grow out of one tiny acorn, so I’ll keep plodding on.

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