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Monday Afternoon Haiku

The lady ails,
her brain a fevered black hole
where poetry burns.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon Haiku

  1. Sunshine Jansen on said:

    Oh, do I know the feeling…. 🙂

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    • It’s the most frustrating thing when you want to write poetry and your body shouts ‘no!’. I know that you have to put up with this far more than me. But you still write beautifully lyrical posts, plus working on your wonderful novel. I guess those are more free-flow, whereas poetry is a much more tightly disciplined artform.

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      • Sunshine Jansen on said:

        Yes, the disciplined forms are definitely the most unforgiving! I have so many pages in my memo pad that are full of poetic fragments, and sometimes (much later) I can make something out of them, but usually the bird has flown; frustrating indeed… I wish you luck in your tug-of-war!

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  2. Dale on said:

    And yet… you managed to write this!
    I still envy you writers who manage to pen stuff despite ails and whatnot!

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    • It doesn’t always happen. Mostly my brain turns to mush D: But seriously, I know and have known people with terrible afflictions and illnesses who still manage to be creative. I’m in awe of them 🙂


  3. “Better to burn out than to fade away”? I don’t know, but I hope all is going well in book-cover and marketing land, if that’s where you are currently (or I’m a few steps behind with . . . just about everything!). I very much like the imagery of a burning black hole inside the mind.

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    • I’m a bit behind and racing to catch up, having had flu and lost about a week in the process. Am just checking through how my book will look on eleven different devices, before I put it up for pre-order for a week, prior to publication on Kindle. The paperback version is ready to go, but waiting in the wings.


      • Ugh, so sorry to hear it, Sarah. Have you had good luck with any so-called homepathic remedies? Several years back, I think I tried (I might be wrong on this) black elderberry tea and it seemed, at least for the heat factor, somewhat effective. But I haven’t tried it since then. There’s so many meds that I can’t take with the ones I do, that I usually suffer through cold/flu with nothing but soup, tea, rest, “tincture of time” as the physicians say, etc. Thank goodness, it has usually worked fine. Anyway, much luck as you move forward and, I hope, feel better daily.


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