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First Week of Summer #Allotment Produce

Allotment Produce 24th June

Wednesday’s Pickings

Allotment Produce 27th June

Saturday’s Pickings

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20 thoughts on “First Week of Summer #Allotment Produce

  1. wow – that is an excellent haul of food.. wonderful

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  2. Ok, them strawberries beat mine – very nice!

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  3. Yummy! I can taste them!

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    • I’ve been having strawberries every day for a fortnight for breakfast, which is a yummy start to the day, indeed:-) Today I had raspberries, too. No shortage of Vitamin C at this time of year!


  4. So gorgeous and Summery!

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  5. what a harvest!!

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  6. As a relatively new convert to clean, healthy eating those pics immediately translate into salad possibilities, or maybe side-dishes with a piece of steak. Very rewarding Sarah, though in my apartment I’ll have to continue to rely on the Co-Op 🙂

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    • You must have stronger teeth than me, Roy. The strawberries, raspberries, and lettuce leaves were the only things I ate raw. I challenge you to eat a globe artichoke without cooking it first. You’d need teeth like a giraffe to chomp on that!

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  7. Looks yummy Sarah 🙂

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  8. It all looks so healthy and couldn’t be fresher. 🙂

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