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Wordless Wednesday — How To Extinguish Dragon Fire

Dragon Water Feature

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — How To Extinguish Dragon Fire

  1. Love how it seems to be playfully hiding, peeking out from the foliage!

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    • It was quite a chilled-out dragon really, stuck there in a tranquil garden, with water to cool its hot mouth!


      • Here I was thinking it was an ice dragon. I believe they have those in one of the games I used to play, pre-baby days, with my husband. Baldur’s Gate, I think. It’s fascinating how dragons have invaded so many aspects of culture. My son has them in LEGO Chima catalogues and such, and I think they’re elemental dragons there. Something about dragons keeps the human mind captivated.

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      • My son used to play Baldur’s Gate!
        And talking about dragons, I’m not sure the ones in “Game of Thrones” are captivating me, just now. They’ve evolved from cute babies into truly fearsome beasts. If anything needs turning to stone and their flames cooled by water, they do, before too many more herds of sheep get barbecued!


  2. Love this dragon Sarah, the way he’s hiding in the foliage – he looks very mischievous!

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