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Wordless Wednesday — Winter Meets Spring

Fatsia leaf and violets

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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Winter Meets Spring

  1. Ahh…love the contrast. Goodbye winter, hello spring 🙂

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  2. Great shot, Sarah–a big story packed into one little picture.

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  3. And so the seasons change… 🙂

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    • The never-ending cycle. I feel my mood lifting with the sunlight. The novelty of winter wore off in February, although I do like wearing colourful polo neck jumpers, especially of the Nordic variety. Will have to pack them away out of the reach of moths when the spring arrives as am not into knitwear with holes in it!

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  4. So green. So peaceful.

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    • It’s in my garden, which is very peaceful and green. People who come to England for the first time from hotter climes, often comment on the greenness of the country. Even in the middle of cities, there are parks and recreation areas scattered about the place. Of course, it takes plenty of rainfall (sometimes too much) to promote such lush vegetation!

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  5. Perfect title, Sarah. 🙂


  6. Oh, this is so sweet! I would have to purchase a little pot of violets to see them in Ohio, yet! Smiles!

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    • They are lovely flowers. I have lots of them springing up in clumps all over the garden. They used to be my granny’s favourites, so they always remind me of her, although she died many years ago (aged 98). We always gave her a bunch of violets for Easter.


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