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Monday Morning #Haiku 3 — Winter Violet


~Bravery Award~
Shy Violet takes courage
amidst Winter’s grey.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 3 — Winter Violet

  1. I fear that these little plants will be in for a shock – can we really get through an entire winter with so few frosts?


  2. Such a rewarding little flower – a violet!
    You guys will be moving into spring soon, and us, to autumn…


    • At the moment I’m not allowing myself to think about spring too much, in case it never comes. The weather is foul in the UK. Wet, wet, and more wet, plus gales and storms. But it makes me appreciate the occasional blue sky so, so, so much.

      Just hunkering down and getting on with my editing, whilst rushing out between showers to exercise.


  3. incaunipocrit on said:

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