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Wordless Wednesday: Rainfall into Infinity



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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Rainfall into Infinity

  1. Good choice with the black and white!


    • I decided black and white worked better in accentuating the gloom!


      • You definitely captured the dreary mood with that shot.


      • When the picture was in colour, it didn’t show up the wet shine on everything in such a dramatic way. A sort of paradox really — remove the colour and bring something to life (in a dreary way)!


      • It does come to life, but probably more so as an amplified effect. B&W’s are not limited to depicting the mood of dreary alone. I have a collection of Ansel Adams B&W artwork in my office (whole motif is B&W) and some of the photos he’s taken are simply stunning, and would not carry the same effect were they in color. (note the American spelling… 😉 )

        I don’t know if you are familiar with Ansel Adams, but he was an American photographer and environmentalist who documented so much of the landscape of the US in photographic form, almost always in B&W. Here is an example:

        Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada from Lone Pine, California (1944)</a?


      • That is, indeed, an absolutely stunning picture. Thanks for sharing that link.


  2. It has begun. there and here – the rain…
    Lovely photo Sarah!


    • Thank you, Ghia, Glad you like the photo:-)

      It might be wet here some of the time, but when the sun comes out it’s incredibly warm for the end of October. This morning, and the other day, I went for a walk wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt.


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