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Wordless Wednesday: a unique Jones’-eye view of Porth in Wales


Many thanks to my good friend, Benjamin F. Jones, for this brilliant picture he took while flying on the back of a Welsh dragon. Fortunately for Porth fire brigade, the dragon promised to switch off its flames during this particular aerial mission.

For anyone who enjoys wickedly observant and quirky prose, do visit Benjamin at

And for some truly off-this-planet surreal writing, you can also find him at

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16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: a unique Jones’-eye view of Porth in Wales

  1. Wow! Porth never looked so good 🙂 Strange how you can drive through a place so many times but there is always a different perspective.


    • Yes, I know that feeling. I live on the outskirts of a town that’s considered to be a holiday resort but, to me, it’s just the place I live with nuisance traffic, annoying parking restrictions, mundane shops, and too much wind and rain. Fortunately, the South Downs are just up the road from my house, so from atop the town and the sea beyond look most picturesque.


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  4. amazing photo Sarah


  5. Such a beautiful pic Sarah!
    A Welch dragon you say… That’s quite my mythical creature of choice 😉


    • It is quite a lovely picture. Dragons are great.

      There are some amazing dragons in “Game of Thrones”. Have you watched the first three seasons of this fantastic fantasy series? If not, I suggest you watch them on DVD as a big treat.


      • I started watching it. Then that stupid king had the one wolf killed and I could not handle that so I stopped. The kid’s been carrying on about it – might get over my aversion to such things and start watching it again 😉


      • It’s worth it just to the see Daenerys Targaryen, the dragon-girl, sorting out all the men (big-time) and commanding the troops. She is so cool.


      • She’s the whispy blonde one married to the big dark brute?


      • He’s not such a brute after she’s tamed him! You’ll see she’s a very clever woman.


  6. love this. it’s quite magical!


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