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Tanka #21


Sunday, mid-morning,
joggers in green cathedral
worshipping fitness:
vertical trunks, branches spread,
squirrels’ tree gymnasium.

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4 thoughts on “Tanka #21

  1. Something I might have to take up sometime soon to halt the midlife spread!!


    • I prefer watching the squirrels doing all the work, while I take a leisurely walk through the woods, but then I’m suffering from midlife shrinkage. I’m so cold today without any ripples to cover me, that I’m wearing a thermal vest with cotton vest on top; a long-sleeved T-shirt; a hooded sweatshirt and a puffer jacket — and that’s indoors. Funnily enough, my legs are fine in the same old summer jeans and my feet don’t feel the cold at all, so I’m still wearing open sandals without socks.

      We are trying not to put the heating on, except to take the chill off the house for a couple of hours in the evening, so that probably explains my shivers.

      I think none of us girls will ever be satisfied with our bodies. Men seem not to bother so much about their ageing looks.


  2. Very picturesque


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