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Allotment Haiku #8


  September harvest.
Produce packed with goodness:
bounty of the earth.

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14 thoughts on “Allotment Haiku #8

  1. Nothing better!


  2. Nice haul, Sarah! I got out in the last hour of sunshine to pick raspberries and pick the tail end of the green bean harvest. Looks like you’re still going strong.


    • Yes, Naomi, we’re still going strong with potatoes, spinach, marrows, and carrots, plus a huge hoard of garlic, shallots, and onions drying in the summer house. That was the last of our broad beans this year, but probably enough to last a fortnight! Our raspberry bushes are newbies, so we didn’t get many this time round. In fact, it’s been one or two a week, so rather than squabble about who gets to eat them, I’ve given them to my dog as a treat, which she has greatly appreciated 🙂


  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome. And the haiku too.


    • It is all very yummy. If I was to run a taste contest between the produce, I’d give first place to the carrots, second place to the tomatoes, and third place to the garlic!


      • It’s remarkable how much more taste home grow produce has to the store bought stuff!!


      • I think that even when stores claim that produce is fresh, they’re not taking into account transit and warehousing time before it ever hits the shelves. Even if I keep some of my homegrown produce for two weeks (some of it unrefrigerated), it still ends up fresher than something bought in the store that’s classed as in date.


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