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Summer Haiku #4


September heat wave:
blackberries, rattling seed pods,
children spread-eagled.

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6 thoughts on “Summer Haiku #4

  1. We have a day like that today. Lovely haiku. Thank you very much.


    • And I spoke too soon. It’s raining today, but still warm. My son told me I looked funny today going out for a walk in my knee-length shorts, plastic raincoat, and trainers, plus a big golfing umbrella. Who cares about style? To me, individualism is style.


  2. Enjoy the heat Sarah! Try and bottle it up for the cold months ahead 😦


  3. So evocative of this time of year – thanks for sharing! Stockholm is having a beautiful September so far… which means a startling dip into cold is coming :-S !


    • I try not to think about what’s coming. Best to enjoy it while it lasts. You know the English are terrible at the gloom thing. Just say to them, “What a beautiful day it is!” and they’ll not reply, “Yes, it’s glorious,” but they’ll say instead, “Ah, but it won’t last. Have you seen the terrible forecast?”

      I used to know some Swedish people who found our winters really cold when they visited us, because of the damp, although, temperature-wise, it was much warmer here than in Sweden.


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