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Winter haiku #4


Weather remains dull.
Approached from a different angle,
it’s of no account.

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6 thoughts on “Winter haiku #4

  1. alarmingman on said:



  2. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. Your poetry always reminds me of a Japanese painting–with a few delicate strokes, a world is created. And with a few perfect words, you can convey the most complex concepts so clearly.

    In Seattle, we have gray and wet, too, but that’s what twinkle lights are for. Thinking of you, and your word count. Sending you good wishes, Sarah.


    • The trouble with my novel’s word count is my inability to expand out from a few delicate strokes. this used not to be a problem to me, but the world of haiku has changed my approach to writing,

      Thanks, Naomi, for your good wishes and encouraging comments. xox


  3. Perspective is reality. Beautiful.


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