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A Nocturnal Haiku

moonlit rabbits leapGreen and yellow etching of a fairy with a wan...

a fairy ring of mushrooms

by an ancient tor

Fairy Ring Mushroom

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13 thoughts on “A Nocturnal Haiku

  1. I love this for two reasons. Firstly it has more than a hint of magic about it. And secondly it has me in it!


  2. Playful, yet mysterious. I love the imagery.


  3. I bet there’s a tor somewhere near you, where you could go for a moonlit leap. I’ve heard it’s the sort of magical and strange thing that happens in Wales from time to time.


  4. Love this! “tor” is a fantastic word. 😀


    • Thank you so much. Yes, I agree–“tor” is a wonderful word. It always summons up all manner of historical and mystical visions in my mind, and I love the solitary simple beauty of them as the sit there, commanding amazing views.


  5. Fun! Fun! Fun!


    • I think my Labrador Retriever would find it fun, fun, fun! I’d hate to spoil the rabbits’ pleasure by allowing her to join their party:-)

      By the way, rumpydog, would you like to guest post on Brunella Labrador’s blog sometime?


      • I’d love to! I’m kinda busy this week, but if you send some details to rumpydog at hotmail dot com, I could be thinking about it and maybe write up next weekend?


      • That’s great:-) I’ll email you when I have a moment. Like you, this week is busy, as have set myself to the end of this month to finish my children’s novel, which is a fantasy story full of some exceptionally odd dogs.


      • OOh when is the fantasy story about odd dogs on release?


      • Well, you know how it is, don’t you? I’d like to be able to give you a release date, but there are many mountains to climb on the way there, which are far harder than the actual writing of the novel. First there’s the quest story, then the questing reality of capturing an agent and a publisher. It is akin to the tasks of Hercules in pain and effort D:

        I love my novel after five rewrites and the dumping of twelve thousand words, so that’s a good start 🙂


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