Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #28 — Going Nowhere Fast

Two-wheeled trailer

This two-wheeled trailer, piled high with household rejects, has been parked at the side of a road for a week.

To me, it’s symbolic of life and all the psychological dross we accumulate over the years. How often do we find ourselves saying “I’ve turned over a new leaf”, to meet with speedy failure? We do the equivalent of loading our unwanted behaviour in a trailer, but can’t find the willpower or motivation to drive it away and dump it for good on the rubbish tip.

For instance, who really wants to hang on to things below?

  • a green sofa (envy)
  • black rubbish sacks (black dog moods)
  • broom handles (unrealistic notions of looking like a stick-thin model)
  • white doors without handles (false notions that the grass is greener on the other side)
  • old cupboards (constant worrying about family skeletons)

My trailer would contain old shoes, as I need to walk taller with a confident spring in my step, instead of thinking that great success happens to other people.

What would your trailer contain, and would you have the willpower to drive it away?

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