Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #01– Collapsed Wall

A week back, I found myself greatly inspired by a post on Social Bridge titled “Letting Go”. It contained a wonderful poem of the same title by the Irish poet Michael Coady and a photograph of an ‘abandoned thing’: an overgrown old seat  that Jean Tubridy discovered at a falling-down thatched pub on the road between Michael Coady’s  Carrick-on-Suir and her home town of  Tramore.

This got me thinking. I’m obsessed with photographing abandoned objects, neglected structures and interesting corners reclaimed by nature, so why not post them here as a regular feature? The picture below is one of many I’ve taken on  my regular walk through a wide twitten that runs between garages backing on to lengthy gardens.

 Collapsed Wall

Has anyone else posted photos of broken or abandoned things on their blogs? If so, do tell me about them.

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