March’s Guest Storyteller, Penny Howe

Penny Howe

Penny’s education/experience is primarily marketing. A serious book lover and reader of books, she says “If I am a true expert at anything, it would be reading books”. A consultant in marketing/writing/editing, her work time is spent alternately between clients and blog writing. She says “I’ve been the person behind the scenes first as a business owner of a marketing/advertising firm and then as a private consultant.” With several books in the works, she will be published in the near future.

The following she wrote for fun. It is for those young at heart who are familiar with Dr. Seuss, his birthday was this week, and of course the famous television series “Dr. Who”. I hope you enjoy.


Illustration copyright © Nick Holmes

Horton Hears a TARDIS

The day started out simply pleasant.
In fact Horton knew it was great.
His favoritest meal,
the bestest real deal,
was of course a nut full of plates! (actually it’s “a plate full of nuts” but then it wouldn’t rhyme would it. Hello?)

Suddenly, Horton hears a strange sound
and thinks to himself “Oh, no …
not Whoville again?
They just would not send …
in fact, this time I’ll refuse to go.”

It turns out it wasn’t the Whoville
but rather “Dr Who” that arrived.
In his TARDIS he came.
Horton hardly could blame,
the Whovilles for who was inside.

And so Horton looked at the TARDIS
and then, of course, at Dr Who.
He said, “No offense,
and don’t think me dense
but, exactly, Who are you?”

Of course Dr. Who replied, “Brilliant!
What a capital elephant you be,
for though we’ve just met,
you already get,
the person, of course, ‘Who’ is me!”

And Horton looked first at the TARDIS
and once again at Doctor Who.
Still shaking his head,
he wished for his bed,
replied one more time, “Who…are you?”

“Yes I am,” the good doctor responded,
“and most happy to meet you am I.
If you really don’t mind,
and would be so kind,
we must wait for the Daleks to arrive.”

Now Horton, as you know, is a thinker.
Deep thoughts are really his forte,
but Dr Who was a puzzle,
and, in a bit of a fuzzle,
Horton knew not what to say.

And so Dr. Who told him the story,
the Daleks were bad guys, he knew.
Horton told them (Dr. Who and his companions) to stay
and they left the next day (actually it was longer, but that doesn’t rhyme either)
the TARDIS, the Daleks, and Dr. Who.

Well Horton was glad when they vanished
back to whenever they were from.
Now when Horton listens,
he’s not listening for a Who,
but rather the sound of the drums (spoiler).

(you’ve gotta’ watch the TV series to figure the last line out!)


Sarah says: Many thanks, Penny, for contributing this most amusing children’s story-in-rhyme to the guest storyteller slot this month. I’m a huge fan of both doctors, Seuss and Who, as are my grown-up offspring and my grandchildren.

It might interest you to know that I’ve watched every episode of Dr Who since its debut screening on British TV on 23rd November, 1963. After the first series, I had to suffer my younger brother walking around in a Dalek costume, threatening to exterminate me!


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