For the Love of Haiku

Train packed with Chavettes.
Gollum has discovered bling
and bad time-keeping.

My contribution to this week’s haiku challenge — hosted as usual by the wonderful adollyciousirony at  — possibly requires some explanation of its slang content, for the sake of the international blogging platform.

Chavette is the female version of a Chav, heralding from a town called Chatham in the county of Kent in the southeast of England. To read a full description of Chavettes, go to  As you will gather from entry (2) on the page, they love cheap designer jewellery, otherwise known as bling and are probably the only adults on earth who’d be seen dead wearing hairbands with fake diamonds and rabbit ears.

For those few who haven’t read JRR Tolkien‘s The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, Gollum (the traindriver in the above picture) is obsessed with what he calls his “precious”, which is a gold ring

And, for a bit of added amusement, here is a picture of Gollum embracing the Chav culture:

PS: A small addition to my original post on Saturday — Dolly has just fixed the link to so do check out the artgame players and their contributions to the train picture.

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