Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #10 — Drains & Gullies

Drain 01

Drain 02

Broken Gully

Can I say it? In the good old days, roads were swept regularly and drains kept clean of leaves and debris.

Nowadays, we are lucky in the UK if the borough or district councils do these two jobs more than one a year. It’s usually more a case of breakdown maintenance i.e. fixing things when the drains are so bunged up with leaves that the road floods and becomes impassable to vehicles.

In the context of general world chaos, this might seem no more than a tiny inconvenience, but I’ve decided to moan about a minor issue as there’s still a slight chance of having my voice heard.

Regarding international issues, I’m but a grain of sand and a voice crying in the wilderness. Who actually cares what I think?