A haiku about breasts: the minus side of the plus size

He ogled her so…

His eyes fell down her cleavage

to join the lost crumbs.


She fished out the crumbs…

but left his eyes in the dark

unless he promised.


An acknowledgment…

She possessed a brilliant brain

but not in her breasts.


He remained stubborn…

Possessing a second brain

elsewhere than his head.


She hired a baby…

They’re just large mammary glands

do you stare at cows?


His eyes were happy…

He had a mother complex

Oedipus blinded.


She stood in a storm…

Dressed in her under-wired bra

lightning conductor.



Stubbornness off the grid

they fried each other.

(c) sarahcpotter, 2012

Where Zombies Come From

mole in yard of death
nose boring in the dark
blind slayer of worms
in tombstone park

skull-crusher the spook
dull underside of God
hear mole’s heart beneath
mounds of dank sod

moonlit owls sweep-swoop
over living crosses
steeped in rich blood soaking
into sponge moss

(c)  sarahcpotter, 2011

I couldn’t resist joining the Buddha Rocks project, even if my contribution is a little belated. Visit buddharocks.deviantart for a bounteous source of photographic inspiration by Mr Eric Alder. Also check out davefarmersblog for some of his entertaining interpretations of the photos, and, of course,  fillingahole – the originator of the project.

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