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Where Zombies Come From

mole in yard of death

nose boring in the dark

blind slayer of worms

in tombstone park


skull-crusher the spook

dull underside of God

hear mole’s heart beneath

mounds of dank sod


moonlit owls sweep-swoop

over living crosses

steeped in rich blood soaking

into sponge moss

(c)  sarahcpotter, 2011

I couldn’t resist joining the Buddha Rocks project, even if my contribution is a little belated. Visit buddharocks.deviantart for a bounteous source of photographic inspiration by Mr Eric Alder. Also check out davefarmersblog for some of his entertaining interpretations of the photos, and, of course,  fillingahole – the originator of the project.

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2 thoughts on “Where Zombies Come From

  1. Everyone really loves his graveyard shots!
    I love what inspires people.
    Thanks for posting!


  2. Haunting! Although it’s a bit late for Halloween, it’s never too late to join in the BuddhaRocks Project. I’ll be checking back, Sarah!


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