Snowy Monday Morning #Haiku191 & #Novel-in-Progress Excerpt

alongside snowfall
chalk acquires a creaminess
hitherto unseen


I’ve decided to take about a fortnight’s sabbatical to complete the first draft of Twicers,  the futuristic satire I started writing during National Novel Writing Month, 2017.

In January, for Friday Fictioneers, I posted a 100-word excerpt from the viewpoint of my main protagonist, Japeth. Today, you are to meet Blip, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and works as a computer and robot maintenance engineer at the Duffers’ Centre, a futuristic take on the Job Centre.

THE EXCERPT (260 words)

Overtime felt good because it meant starting work after closing time. No people. Just robots and a row of dispensing machines stocked with salt and vinegar crisps and cherry red energy drinks that she would raid when spring arrived.

It was February, with plump snowflakes tumbling through the twilight. The building inside was neither hot nor cold, but warmer than the temperature outside. The toughened glass windows had security blinds. Tonight, a few disgruntled duffers had gathered outside, looking as if they wanted to throw something harder than snowballs at the window, not that it was yet minus one degree Celsius and cold enough to make a decent one.

Blip hurried into the Centre, her graphite earmuffs over the hood of her hoodie and under the hood of her graphite parka. She saw the duffers without meeting any of them in the eye. Not that she was afraid of them. Simply, she wasn’t in the mood for conversation. But then she was never in the mood for conversation. On the rare occasions she had to pretend interest in what someone else was saying, it was agony, unless they were talking about animals, alternative energy, astronomy, chess, or computers, but only if they knew their subject and weren’t spouting bullshit.

She knew ‘bullshit’ was a silly word, as humans did not literally spew bull’s faeces out of their mouths; however, it was an excusable addition to her vocabulary as it had a hard-hitting sound to it and she couldn’t think of a more concise way of describing such idiocy.

Author: Sarah Potter Writes

Sarah is a British eccentric who writes offbeat fiction, haiku and tanka poetry. When stuck for words, she sketches or paints instead. She's into nature conservation, sustainability, gardening, dogs, natural health, and reading. Her sociability is something that happens in short bursts with long breathing spaces in between.

11 thoughts on “Snowy Monday Morning #Haiku191 & #Novel-in-Progress Excerpt”

  1. Well best wishes on that new draft. You will be missed by little old me. 🙂 The snow is lovely, isn’t it? Now bring on the spring!!!!

    Take care dear friend. I look forward to the next meeting.

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    1. Thanks, Bill. I’ve been working like stink this afternoon on my writing, but thought I would check in to reply to you, my dear friend. Will do a catch-up with reading your posts when I surface. Our snow has melted today, but it was mightily freezing last week. For us in the SE of the UK, -5C is mightily cold. My daughter in the Isle of Wight slipped in the ice last Friday and fractured her coccyx. She isn’t a happy bunny.

      Looking forward to being able to tell you that my first draft is finished. Meanwhile, wishing you a happy and creative couple of weeks 🙂


    1. Dear Rochelle,

      Here I am, back again. Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished my book, despite my best efforts. Too many interruptions and not enough energy. I’m almost there, but didn’t think I could disappear forever.

      Missing you, too, Will eventually surface properly and get back to FF. I was on FB briefly at the weekend, trying to write something meaningful on my author page but, by the time you signed in, I had almost run out of time and had to sign out again. I’m not at all convinced about having a FB page, as I’m not a celebrity! It’s probably just best to make some of my posts public on my main FB, for which I don’t have to pay advertising fees of around £12 to boost the post to reach people. I’m coming to conclusion it’s all a bit of a rip-off, so may take the page down. What do you think?

      All best wishes,

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      1. Dear Sarah,

        For the most part I find my author page a waste of time. At one point I paid to boost a page. While it showed more views, I can’t say it really did much for me. So I kind of agree that it’s a rip-off.

        I’ve also been working on this last book. It’s been quite a challenge between author and publisher. That’s a whole nuther story I’ll go into when we can have a proper chat.

        Best wishes on that book and blessings on your diligent work.



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  2. Hello dearest Sarah, at last. Love your excerpt, great description, spot on. Love your haiku and photo too. Hope the writing is going well. I’m hoping to return to my memoir and crack on after wrapping up a few things over the next few days. Will be in touch. Big hugs my lovely friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. Hello dearest Sherri. I’m glad you love my excerpt. My writing is going well, on and off. I’m trying to tie up the plot ends and keep rewriting bits in the penultimate chapter to make it work. Had a big breakthrough today. It was lovely having a chat with you the other day. By the way, I’ve beaten my mobile into submission and found a way around the technical issue with the keyboard. It’s now working, so texting can resume as and when! Lots of love and hugs, my wonderful friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      1. So glad to hear dearest Sarah. A breakthrough is great news! Yes, really wonderful to chat with you again…and yay, you can text again! We’re in touch and that’s the main thing. Keep writing my lovely friend and I’ll do the same! Lots of love and hugs right back to you 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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