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Monday Morning Haiku #189 — Full Moon

Three after midnight,
light emitting diode moon
dazzles sleepyhead!

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17 thoughts on “Monday Morning Haiku #189 — Full Moon

  1. Dale on said:


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  2. My Monday “fix” has been attained. I can now continue with my normal day.

    Seeing a full moon mean no rain, and I’m all for that.

    Have a brilliant Monday, my dear friend.

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    • That’s splendid, as I first began my regular Monday haiku slot with the intention of it being a “fix” and a positive start to people’s weeks.

      It is very sunny here today. I was even able to put my washing out on the line by 9 am and it is now bone-dry, which is mostly unheard of in the winter.

      Wishing you a brilliant Monday, over on your side of the Pond, too. my dear friend.


  3. I love this Sarah, the hint of the dark hours of the night and the dazzle of the moon.

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  4. I like your camera.
    Mine captures the moon as a dot.
    What am really looking forward to buy though is a telescope..
    The sky ‘heals’ me

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    • Sorry I’m only just replying to your comment, but I only found it this minute as it had gone into my spam folder. My camera is a Nikon Coolpix and has the facility to wide Zoom to a magnification of 6X. It was a present from my husband, so I’ve no idea of its cost! I would say it was mid-range. It is very small but can do quite a lot. I love telescopes and for many years I belonged to an astronomomy society. I even helped grinding the lens when our society was building a telescope. My parents let us use one of their outbuildings as a workshop. Fortunately, my father was interested in astronomy, otherwise the privelege would most definitely not have been ours! The sky is very healing, any time of the day or night. I just adore cloud-watching.


  5. Love that “light emitting diode” description!

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  7. Ahh…almost makes those 3 amers worth it doesn’t it?Lovely, wistful haiku and beautiful photo dearest Sarah, mine always look like tiny dots, even the super moons! But oh they are a sight to behold. Remind me to get my ‘proper’ camera out next time πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxx

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    • I think it takes a very posh camera to photograph a perfect moon. My moons are never exactly as I want them, with all the dark plains showing and a crisp outline. Although the moon in this photo was so dazzling that none of the plains showed. I’m so glad you loved the haiku, as well as the photo, dearest Sherri πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      • Yes, but even with the ‘moon’ setting on my posher camera (but not that posh!) works better, the end result is far from professional. And I did enjoy it, very much dearest Sarah πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxx

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