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Monday Morning #Haiku 183, 184 & 185 — January

January rain,
shimmering pathways, blank skies,
and a lone walker.
January wind,
bending trees, lashing wetness,
and a happy dog.
January days,
sleeping snails, stirring shoots,
and a hoe at rest.

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11 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 183, 184 & 185 — January

  1. You’ve captured the caprices of January here Sarah, lovely images of the twists and turns of the month.

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  2. Lovely. Captures the moment.

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  3. Yes indeed, Sarah! The little things only a writer would notice. You have the type of vision no eye-doctor can measure, for you are a writer! Hear you roar!!!

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    • You’ve made me smile, Bill, my dear friend 🙂 My eye-doctor would be very pleased to know that the January weather hadn’t deterred me from taking a break from the computer to go for a walk. Actually, a gust of wind nearly blew me over today. Now I know how that feels, it has given me something else to write about in the future. I’ve never experienced that before, but I am a bit underweight, so the wind thought “there walks a feather that I’m going to blow into the air!” Sometimes I envy the birds but I’m not so sure I’d ride the air currents with quite such aerodynamic grace!!!


  4. Ah Monday. A visit to Sarah. What could be better?

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  5. And a happy dog. Love the close Sarah.

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