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Monday Morning #Haiku 182 — Hydrangea (02)

Shelter for new buds:
dried hydrangea flowerheads
shield against frost.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 182 — Hydrangea (02)

  1. I am rather fond of dried hydrangeas. The colours can be stunning xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • I shall bring them indoors to put in vases, once there’s no more danger of frosts and pruning time has arrived. They’re far too pretty to throw away.
      Are you on the mend yet from your nasty chest problems over Christmas? Have been thinking about you and feeling very sorry for you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. Writers see things mere humans do not. This is a perfect example. You are not human, Sarah! 🙂 Happy Monday dear friend.

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  3. Beautiful words to describe unexpected beauty Sarah.


  4. Interesting, I would have pronounced hydrangea with 4 syllables, not 3. Learning everyday.

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