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Monday Morning #Haiku 164 — July Harvest

Bounty of Summer
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Await chef’s orders

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19 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 164 — July Harvest

  1. The raspberries are ripe right now. I’ll be picking them this afternoon. The blackberries will follow shortly, and of course the strawberries daily. It is a good time to be a consumer of food. 🙂 Happy Monday, my friend!

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    • Your blackberries are about a month early compared to mine, Bill. Although I don’t need to cultivate that particular fruit, as there are always loads of them growing wild in the fields and hedgerows near my house. Happy Monday to you, too, my friend 🙂


  2. Fantastic harvest Sarah, I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labours! I’m thrilled that in my back yard in a couple of containers I have actual broccoli!

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  3. Dear Sarah,

    Delicious haiku and photo.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It’s all delicious produce, but a labour of love went into the harvesting and into the cooking. I ‘m going to have a go cooking blackcurrant jam and hopefully I won’t burn it, as I did with the gooseberry jam last week!

      All best wishes,


  4. Booking my table and may I say I am well impressed by your industry.

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    • Mister did all the heavy digging and planting. I’m called in later to help with weeding and harvesting … then, of course, I have all the cleaning, preparing and cooking to do. You are welcome to my table, although the travelling expenses down south would be rather prohibitive!


  5. Dale on said:

    Oh yum! What a fabulous harvest!
    I just planted my garden yesterday, can you believe it? Been too busy/crappy weather

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    • It’s been crappy weather here, too, apart from one week in “flaming” June! But the sun has deemed to show its happy face today, so I’m hoping it will stick around for more than a week this time. My petunias have looked very wind-swept and bedraggled after last week’s assault. Thus, Dale, maybe those who wait later to plant their gardens until later are the wise ones!


  6. very lovely bounty you have

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  7. A great reward for your hard work. Love the haiku. The flowers are a nice touch too. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Sylvia 🙂 There are some beautiful rosebushes growing alongside the fruit and vegetables in our allotment. For weeks I’ve been able to have a vase of fresh roses on my kitchen table. There’s more produce this week — twice as much almost! Redcurrant jelly and blackcurrant pie are next on the agenda I think, just to name a few delights.

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